About Me

Namaste!  I’m Sharna…welcome to our beautiful Love Infused community 

I’m a Kinesiologist/Wellness Practitioner, teacher, yogini, devoted mother and dedicated listener.

For many years now, I have been passionately delving into the ancient (& not so ancient) mysteries of health and healing, exploring the secret language of our bodies and investigating the profound impacts of nutrition and nourishment on our health.

As a kid I was always a deep philosopher and an open-hearted & sensitive soul, which wasn’t always an easy road.  Life’s journey through the ebbs and flows of relationships, health and far flung travels, has given me plenty of fodder for deep philosophical reflection and truly helped me to develop a gentle compassion for the buddhist concepts of joy and suffering that is inevitable in this life.

People and their stories fascinate me.  Our stories of triumph and resilience continually remind me of the strength and vulnerability that is in us all, in equal parts.

In recent years in my work as a teacher and wellness practitioner, I have begun to notice a repeating pattern at the very core of our healing – the presence of profound love and acceptance.  Embracing self love, universal love, spiritual love – creating an authentically love infused life – seems to me to be this ‘secret ingredient’ for realising the vibrant health and contentment that we seek.

And so it has become one of my life passions to guide others to living a love infused life through sharing insights, intuition and knowledge from my daily observations of life.  Perhaps, with so many of us working towards the experience of love infused lives, we will begin to build deeply love infused communities and ultimately, a globally love infused way of being. 

Feel the love!