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Innate admiration

June 8, 2017

You’ve probably noticed our innate admiration of any physical body in it’s peak state.  We know instinctively the signs of a happy body that’s in good health:  relaxed nature, lean muscles, rosy cheeks, glowing skin, pink nails, hair with body and shine, luscious ruby lips.  

But have you also noticed that we have invented ways to mimic these body states in order to give the impression we too are sporting a happy body in good health?  Let’s think about this.  We women wear make up to enhance our lips, our cheeks, even pastes to smooth out our skin, paint nails, and find all sorts of ways to put gloss and bounce into our flowing locks.  And often times, all this effort to hide the truth that our bodies are less than prospering on the inside.

Our admiration seems to also extend to moods and acceptable behaviours –  anger and frustration in ourselves and others are uncomfortable for us at best.  We crave a relaxed tone, a less reactive state and one that shows we have a handle on any outbursts of emotion.  So we judge ourselves for our strong feelings, repress any rush of emotion and shelve away any hint of irrational display.  We know in our bones that a calm and relaxed spirit reflects a healthy and functioning self in body and mind.

Our desire to create this picture of ourselves is well founded.  We know, deep down, that our bodies in a state of good health and flow will bring less illness (by definition), healthy babies, more active and happier lives, clear thought, stronger relationships and a sustained and prosperous future for humanity.  

The mimicry does not appear to be serving us well.  Our mental and physical health is worse than it has been – (insert researched information here) chronic illness is on the rise in all ages – in children as much as in adults, homelessness, violence, depression, disconnection, …..

In contrast it is important to note, that there is a rising number of individuals seeking out the life choices that bring us back to achieving an authentic reflection of the healthy and flowing state of their bodies and society.  Mindfulness, organic foods, greening our cities, getting into nature, work-life balance, volunteering and connecting with our communities, vintage clothing and upcycling, …My belief is that this is the way of the future, absolutely!  Is that your belief too?