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    New Transformation Workshop Series

    August 10, 2021

    Love Infused Living proudly presents a series of transformational workshops, designed to help you to live a more peaceful, empowered and purposeful life.  Each workshop runs for 3 hours and involves an exclusively limited number of participants to enhance the workshop experience. The series is suited to anyone wanting to refocus their choices and listen more deeply to what will bring more fulfillment and meaning to their lives.  Individual workshops focus on daily practice (Sacred Space), stress and anxiety management (Inner Peace) and life decisions (Values for Life).  Read on for more details.

    Join me, Sharna Pearce – Kinesiologist and Wellness Practitioner, teacher and dedicated listener – for one or more of these inspiring transformation workshops.

    Creating Sacred Space.

    Do you crave the support to rest and restore? To connect with stillness and replenish your cup? Consciously creating sacred space for ourselves to bask in, through simple daily rituals, can profoundly enhance our energy and our experience of ourselves and the world around us.

    Sink into 3 blissful hours of peace and indulgence as we journey through both practical and magickal processes for creating and witnessing our own sacred space. You will be gifted with tools to help you begin or enhance your own meditation practice and to carry this sacred space within you always.

    Upcoming workshop:

    Sunday (TBC)  |  10am-1pm
    Booking link:  available soon

    Creating Inner Peace.

    Does stress or anxiety plague your days or arise in your life more than you’d like it to? Is it hard to connect and feel truly nourished by your relationships? Does the stress of daily life have you feeling exhausted and caught in a loop?

    There are physiological reasons why we disconnect from the world when our stress levels are too high. But when this persists for longer periods, we can be left feeling empty, lonely and isolated. There are ways to shift this pattern, gain greater understanding of ourselves and find a more balanced way to live.

    Sink into three nurturing hours of wisdom and self empowerment as we journey through both practical and subtle processes for managing periods of stress and anxiety in our lives, creating more moments of peace. You will be gifted with tools to soothe yourself through daily life and to continue to return to inner peace within.

    Upcoming workshop:

    Sunday (TBC)  |  10am-1pm
    Booking link:  available soon

    Creating Values for Life.

    How do you make decisions for your life? The big ones and the little ones. How well do you make those decisions? How easily do the answers come?

    Our values create the structure from which we make every one of our life choices. Our emotions are the key communication tools for those values. They guide us on whether our choices are aligning with or betraying our core values. So knowing what that unique set of values is for us builds a life that, in all of its elements, becomes congruent with our deepest truth. This is where the flow lies.

    Sink into three inspiring hours of exploration and insight as we journey through practical and subtle processes to unearth what truly holds meaning for us – the guideposts of our purpose and path. You will be gifted with tools to explore your own truth, to begin creating your own unique values for life and to grant yourself permission to live that truth with grace.

    Upcoming workshop: 

    Sunday (TBC)  |  10am-1pm
    Booking link:  available soon

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